Visualize and Calculate Accurate ETAs from Dispatch to Delivery

Traffic accidents and bad weather pose sudden threats to your customer service and financial outcomes. That’s why it pays to stay ahead of service failures BEFORE they happen. TruETA is a cloud-based dispatch-to-delivery solution that automates ETA calculations, showing you where every load is and when it will arrive, also alerting you to potential issues. This gives you more efficiency and visibility with less effort.

No more waiting for your drivers to call in ETAs—TruETA calculates and displays ETAs from dispatch and at each stop. This gives you concise, accurate, real-time information for each leg of every trip.

Stay ahead of potential service failures.

We make it faster and easier to track loads and to improve delivery performance. TruETA accounts for required driver breaks and calculates remaining HOS at each destination to support accurate advanced planning. Visualize live traffic flow, weather, and road surface overlays of current conditions to help you quickly identify and react to events.

Auto-Generate Alerts for Better Communication

TruETA also auto-generates alerts that indicate the probability of each vehicle meeting its customers’ scheduled pickup and delivery times, reducing the need for distracting dispatcher-driver phone calls and mobile communications messages.

TruETA Features:

  • Get more accurate ETAs by visualizing live traffic and weather conditions.
  • React instantly to adverse conditions with real-time issue alerts.
  • Improve customer satisfaction by providing visibility.
  • Automated calculations remove the error-prone guesswork.
  • Increase driver satisfaction with real-time mapping.
  • Reduce and prevent costly service failures.


New Enhancements to Improve Your Estimated Time of Arrival

New TruETA features bring even more real-time integration between drivers, vehicles and dispatch, to add accuracy, flexibility, driver satisfaction and security to your operations.

  • DRIVER TRIP PLANNING – allows drivers to choose rest stops, adding driver intent to ETA equations and making TruETA calculations even more accurate.
  • OUT OF ROUTE (OOR) ALERTS – reports on how many miles out of route a given load has traveled, to calculate how much the OOR condition may cost.
  • OUT OF CORRIDOR (OOC) ALERTS – for high value or hazmat loads, if the vehicle travels out of route by a specified mileage, the system automatically alerts the carrier.

"TruETA has helped us with keeping track of our trucks and knowing up-to-date locations.  This new process is much faster and more efficient! We no longer have to wait for the driver to call in for an ETA. The mapping within the agent is a great tool! I can’t imagine going back to the way we did it. This is one of the best products TMW sells, it’s a must-have!"

- Shawn Dancer
Owner, Dancer Logistics