Optimize Territory Design & Balance

Maximizing your resources is critical to the success of private fleet operations, distributors and logistics providers. To meet this challenge, you need tools designed to help you manage the planning and delivery execution process.

TerritoryPro helps you design, adjust and optimize route territories painlessly and automatically, based on constraints such as sales volume, service time and coverage area. TerritoryPro automatically creates territories that meet your criteria and also allows you to review current territories with a unique “lasso” selection tool. It’s just as easy to edit territory boundaries for customer reassignment while immediately seeing the impact of those changes

TerritoryPro Benefits:

  • Build territories automatically, saving hours of work
  • Quickly add customer sites or change requirements
  • Eliminates territory overlaps
  • Balance sales volume, work time, total time, etc. between territories
  • Plan multi-week cycles
  • Assign route days within a territory
  • Detailed street-level mapping with integrated tools for area analysis
  • Analysis of current territories

Optimize Transportation Planning and Execution at Every Level

With TerritoryPro, each representative’s accounts are marked with distinct symbols on the map, with statistics for each area such as sales volume and workload for servicing the customers within a territory. Drag-and-drop functionality moves customers between territories while clipboard and print tools allow for custom presentations.