Improve Route Compliance and In-Vehicle Consistency

RouteSync RouteSync, an Innovative IES add-on, provides the crucial link between the planned route in the back office and the navigated route in the vehicle. RouteSync gives turn-by-turn directions based on mileage trip options and routing preferences while including all defined stops for a load along with fuel solutions.

RouteSync Benefits:

  • Driver Retention: Increase driver retention by providing more efficient, accurate, safe and compliant routes.
  • Productivity: Eliminate the guesswork of what route would be best suited for trips, providing consistency throughout different modules.
  • Usability: Dispatchers can send PC*MILER® optimized trip routes with fuel stops without intervention directly to CoPilot. Drivers receive turn-by-turn directions on in-vehicle mobile PeopleNet devices.
  • Flexibility and Operational Costs: Update routes with fuel solutions when check call reroutes are performed. Prevent costly Out-of-Route mileages.
  • Revenue Growth: Expand your business with an increased resource pool by improving driver satisfaction.
  • Ensure operational uniformity of miles within driver pay, rating, billing, costing, load planning, and fuel tax reporting.

Get to the Right Location, Faster