Optimize Your Routes with More Accurate Scenario Modeling

ResourcePro™ is a strategic planning tool from Trimble for use specifically with Trimble FinalMile DirectRoute™ fleet routing and load optimization software. The ResourcePro plug-in optimizes the drivers and power units required for a given set of routes over a daily or weekly route schedule.

Primarily used by dedicated providers and private fleets looking to put out bid packages, it will quickly help determine the optimal fleet size required to operate a given set of routes for the business. It provides critical information for strategically planning growth, eliminating unnecessary costs, reducing under-utilized fleet equipment, and non-value-added driver hours. ResourcePro is the industry standard for new bid presentations and accurate scenario modeling.

ResourcePro Features:

  • Uses optimal or pre-configured route information from FinalMile DirectRoute to reduce cost
  • Uses rolling HOS and slip-seating rules to optimize weekly schedule
  • Graphic events display (driving, arrivals, layovers, wait time, etc.)
  • Extensive reporting capabilities for dispatch schedules, miles and hours per driver, etc.
  • Considers teams vs. singles, day cabs vs. sleepers
  • Provides detailed Gantt chart and spreadsheet reports by truck and driver across the week
  • Ensures compliance with rolling HOS driving restrictions