Predict.Fault Codes and Analytics, Be Proactive--Anticipate and Act

Frustrated with unplanned repair issues and the associated costs? The TMT Predict.Fault Codes maintenance solution enables fleet professionals to anticipate and address potential vehicle breakdowns and unscheduled service needs.

Predict.Fault Codes captures key meters and other signal values representing more than 80 vehicle performance variables. All data is analyzed in near real-time.

The Predict.Fault Analytics solution provides valuable insight into your fleet’s health and helps you proactively manage maintenance opportunities ahead of unscheduled downtimes. This solution is for any asset that has a certified device installed on the truck with the capability to send fault data. Even if you have a mixed fleet, you can now review and analyze the faults all in the same dashboard.

Predictive, Protective and Proactive

Our application, which now works with most vendors, makes it easy for fleet managers to proactively schedule service and repair at the best time and location. When fault codes and other vehicle data indicate an increased probability of failure, a dashboard alert identifies the fleet’s assigned equipment and vehicle identification numbers, failure chances, DTCs, and other key equipment and signal values.

With TMT Predict.Fault Codes You Will:

  • Increase equipment uptime;
  • Decrease unexpected downtime by getting vehicle and equipment status in real-time;
  • Identify and prioritize potential problems in trucks before breakdowns happen;
  • Be alerted to unforeseen failures with your on-road fleet;
  • Save costs by avoiding the higher cost of repair performed as a breakdown repair; and
  • Improve customer service and on-time performance.