Multi-Mode Optimization

3Gtms for Multi-Mode Optimization

3Gtms works with both TMW.Suite and Truckmate to automate your daily transportation planning, management & execution processes based on real-world costs & constraints. The superior 3G-TM rating engine and load optimization algorithms let brokers, 3PLs and shippers quickly optimize customer and carrier rate contracts across all modes quickly and accurately, while minimizing the complexity of planning, executing and managing shipments at the same time.

TMW.Suite and Truckmate with the 3Gtms multi-mode optimization module offers world-class rating and planning with comprehensive order management, execution, and accounting to help you reduce costs and successfully manage ongoing carrier capacity constraints.

3GTMS Advantages:

  • Dynamically plan and optimize even as you manage current shipping activity
  • Real-time decision making, calculating savings and gross margins during the routing process
  • Faster implementations, giving you the ability to gather and integrate data from legacy systems and external customers, vendors, partners, carriers and individual trucks
  • Increased shipment visibility with load tracking and order management
  • Independence and empowerment to configure the TMS as you see fit
  • Over 200 planning parameters to fine-tune cost savings
  • Improved financial transparency with freight audit, customer billing management and reporting
  • Built-in integration capabilities for fast on-boarding
  • Flexibility to deploy: on-premise, SaaS or private cloud options