Driver Management

Evaluate and Empower Drivers with Trimble Driver Management

The ability to construct and leverage scorecards and other data-driven tools is increasingly important to running a successful trucking business. With this at top of mind, the Trimble Driver Management application allows drivers and managers to see trends and analyze areas of improvement, and then proactively adjust for optimal driver performance.

Driver Management functionality provides driver managers with key tracking and guidance metrics while Fleet and Operations Managers along with Executives can quickly see the aggregate trending of their fleets.

Driver Management Benefits:

  • Driver Satisfaction: Enhance the driver/manager relationship with driver visibility into driver performance and areas of opportunity
  • Flexibility: Intuitive and customizable scorecards with the KPIs for accurate and objective talent management
  • Visibility: Transparency of driver trends across a team, multiple teams, and the entire fleet to bring actionable intelligence on KPIs
  • Scalability: Integration support for telematics, fuel cards, CSA scores, HOS, and other industry and regulatory compliance activities to support growing operations with TMW.Suite

Manage Your Most Important Asset

With Driver Management, you can view key tracking and guidance benchmarks, look at the aggregate trending of your entire fleet, or simply zero in on just one driver. The application is supported through Trimble’s Reveal Series for business intelligence and data. Together, they help you to generate and store customizable driver scorecards as well as related performance data points within the TMW.Suite driver profile window. A comprehensive snapshot helps managers track and share each driver’s performance metrics.