Degree Day Forecaster

Handle More Customer Demand, Drivers and Carriers

Fuel TMS Degree Day Forecaster module gives bulk fuel carriers the knowledge they need to predict how much fuel a given location is actually consuming, depending on the weather, in near real time, to determine how much to deliver and when.

Instead of guesswork and phone calls, this SaaS-based tool allows carriers and customers to choose most-accurate weather sources for specific locations, to factor in microclimate conditions and monitor fuel levels more accurately. So carriers can now optimize delivery amounts resulting fewer deliveries, better fleet utilization and lower costs.

Degree Day Forecaster Features:

  • Allow dispatchers to handle more customers demand, drivers, and carriers.
  • Improve customer service, increase asset productivity and get more accurate billing with streamlined Order management, dispatch, driver planning and automated customer billing.
  • Get products to the customer within required, often tight, delivery windows using shift-based trip scheduling.
  • Ensure that the right assets run the trips and drivers have the right qualifications with load requirements/trip validity.
  • Reduce mistakes, risks and paperwork by electronically conveying pickup and delivery information, along with fuel relations information about pin codes and rack and commodity relationships.
  • Optimize delivery amounts resulting in fewer deliveries and lower costs.
  • Smooth out peaks and valleys in home heating delivery / demand.
  • Generate orders based on readings from SCADA systems, gauger reports and flow rates, comprising a new “keep empty” forecaster for upstream oil gathering."