Data Warehouse

The Data Warehouse Delivers Real Business Intelligence

Throw away the old report request model and dependence on IT for your reports. The power of the TMW Data Warehouse is in the speed and unmatched flexibility with which you can access data and answer business questions unique to transportation companies. It is a physically-separate database from your daily operations system where business information from multiple data systems can be collected, organized and transformed. Data becomes knowledge that is easily and quickly accessible for reporting and analysis.

A Powerful Analytics Platform

Designed expressly from a transportation business perspective, Trimble’s Data Warehouse offers you an extremely powerful data model that gets your analytics up and running immediately. Our software organizes your data specifically for the operations, financial and maintenance reporting you need.

TMW Data Warehouse removes all the technical hurdles and the need for SQL expertise. Our solution transforms operational data from numbers to visual, actionable intelligence, enabling your business to improve efficiency, productivity and decision-making.

Data Warehouse Makes Analytics Easy!

  • Select the Subject Area on which you want a report;
  • Select multiple Subject Areas.
  • Select the facts that you want to include in your report;
  • Select the attributes that describe the data in the way that you want to see it;
  • Point-and-click to see your results!




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