Best Practices: Capitalize on Your Investments with TMT Warranty Recovery

0%, 1%, 10% - What type of warranty recovery rates do you see for your covered parts? While results can vary, the reality is, many TMT customers average a 10% return on their warranties simply by running the TMT Warranty module the way it was designed to operate. If your number is less than 10 or even 5% in recovery, there may be money on the table that you are missing.

Are you using the Warranty module to its fullest potential? It’s time turn up the heat and take advantage of TMT’s leading tool for ROI. Not yet licensed for the Warranty module? Not to worry. Our team can also help you get access to this critical aspect of TMT.

Don’t let your OEM and parts companies skate past their warranties. Join us for this important session and learn how to re-evaluate your company’s use of the TMT Fleet Maintenance Warranty module.