Eliminate Costly On-Premise Resources and Improve Driver Communication

Getting critical data to and from your drivers is more important than ever in today's fast-paced world. The more time passes, the greater the impact on your productivity and profitability.

Now you can save both time and money with FleetConneX, our cloud-based solution employing the latest technology to provide a fast and seamless connection between your TMS and mobile communications platform. FleetConneX is designed specifically for fleets using TMW.Suite software in conjunction with PeopleNet® and Omnitracs® mobile communication solutions.

Forget waiting on a queue to process or poll. Our next-generation solution ensures order data is delivered directly to your drivers and updates are delivered back to your dispatchers in real-time visibility. With FleetConnex your dispatch staff will spend less time tracking down what SHOULD have happened, and your drivers will spend less time asking WHERE the order is.

Key Features Include:

  • Cloud-based solution
  • Includes web-based message viewer
  • Seamlessly integrates between your TMS and mobile platform
  • Out-of-box form mapping support for 180+ Trimble Database fields
  • Advanced exception management
  • Pass-through Circle of Service conflicts

Leave the Data to FleetConneX

FleetConneX ensures your orders and order updates are processed within seconds after being received from your in-cab or driver mobile vendor. Outbound data is processed just as quickly. Focus on moving freight and serving your customers with FleetConneX.