Uniform launderers and providers expect increased business this summer

As summer kicks off, linen and uniform supply and laundry services may expect a surge in client requests and subsequent business activity. While this may have always been a busy time of year for many companies, they may see an extra boost in demand this summer as the economy shows signs of improvement. This makes it essential for them to employ solutions like route optimization software that will simplify the process of planning daily pickups and deliveries.

Booked hotels result in additional laundry
As economic confidence increases this summer, uniform and linen service providers may notice more demands on their resources. A projected jump in summer travel will lead to additional requests from hotels, spas and resorts. Their needs may include sheets, towels and staff uniforms laundered regularly, requiring service providers to take the most direct route when making pickups or deliveries. According to a survey from TD Ameritrade Holding Corporation, 78 percent of Americans already have a vacation planned for the coming months and many will be splurging on transportation or accommodations. While 26 percent will spend more money than they did last year on summer travel, 55 percent will try to keep their budget similar to that of their 2012 trip.

"While uncertainty remains, there have been good indicators that the economy is getting stronger and Americans are starting to feel more optimistic," said Carrie Braxdale, managing director of investor services TD Ameritrade. "That optimism can help fuel spending, so it's not surprising to see that so many people plan to travel this summer."

Travel also brings more people to restaurants
With the economy slowly picking up and summer travel projections strong, more restaurants have expressed a willingness to hire this summer, meaning there will be additional uniforms, aprons, tablecloths and napkins for laundry services to handle. According to the National Restaurant Association (NRA), eateries anticipate adding 448,000 jobs over the summer, which represents a 4.5 percent increase from the employment level reported in March of this year. This is also an jump when compared to recent summers - only 427,000 jobs were adding during the same period of 2012. Launderers in California, New York, Massachusetts, Texas and New Jersey can expect to see some of the largest increases in service requests, as businesses in these states plan on adding the greatest number of restaurant jobs.

"Summer is the busiest season for restaurants in most parts of the country, and the stronger business leads to additional employment opportunities at all levels of a restaurant operation," said Bruce Grindy, chief economist for the NRA.

The additional laundry that will be created by travelers and patrons visiting restaurants may be good news for uniform and linen launderers, but without an optimized way to handle the uptick in business, keeping up with client demands may be a struggle. By implementing route planning software, linen and uniform providers and launderers can plan the most time- and fuel-efficient schedules to better plan their days and ensure clients are satisfied.