Transportation software eases the transition to spring


The last few weeks of winter often represent an ideal time for managers in the transportation industry to update their operations with fleet management software. After several months of frigid temperatures, many businesses are anticipating a boost in activity as spring approaches.

This is especially true of the oil and gas sector. According to data compiled by the motor club association AAA, many fleet owners throughout the U.S. have already witnessed the annual jump in gas prices that comes with the slow shift to warmer weather. For example, oil refineries in both Illinois and Indiana have started seasonal maintenance activity, which has caused a 30 cent price jump between February and March. Drivers and vehicle managers in the region are now paying as much as $3.70 per gallon. The online publication Fuel Fix reported that similar trends are happening in the Texas Gulf Coast. However, fewer state taxes and an abundance of nearby refineries often result in slightly lower prices compared to the rest of the country.

Small and midsize businesses can more easily manage these fluctuations in overhead costs by investing in transportation software. Technology can streamline the transition to a busier season by making it possible to plan shipments and assign driver shifts in the most efficient way possible. Especially as oil refineries throughout the country begin their seasonal maintenance work, fast and reliable ground transportation will play a major role in ensuring these tasks are completed quickly. Fleet managers in other industries can also benefit from route optimization software, which will most likely limit the impact of rising fuel prices on overall operations. Enterprises that utilize these tools in the near future will be more prepared for increased business activity during the warmer months.