Tornado victims receive quick assistance from companies using routing software

Natural disasters can strike at any moment, ruining homes, businesses and local infrastructure. Deadly tornadoes that recently hit Oklahoma demonstrate how unexpected and devastating such tragedies can be. However, as individuals, groups and companies launch initiatives to raise donations, transportation providers may find they need to use their routing software to deliver food, personal hygiene items and building materials.

Demand for construction supplies will be strong
These tragic events cost several dozen people their lives, and destroyed the homes of many others. According to The Associated Press, as many as 1,200 homes were damaged or destroyed in the aftermath of tornadoes and flash flooding. Communities from Oklahoma City to Moore will have to be rebuilt. Construction materials such as lumber, HVAC units, siding and plumbing fixtures will need to be hauled in from other areas, which could spur the demand for companies that transport these items to invest in technology that allows them to take the most direct route to the devastated areas.

Other supplies must be shipped across the country
Construction teams and transporters hauling building materials won't be the only companies that see a spike in calls in the coming days and weeks. Many individuals, churches and companies from across the United States are teaming up to host food drives and ensure displaced victims have what they need to get through this stressful period. Groups that gather large amounts of food, cleaning supplies, clothing and personal hygiene products will need to get donated items to Oklahoma, and there are already several transportation providers offering to carry these goods to victims. No matter if these carriers are halfway across the country or only a few hours away, it can be beneficial for them to use route optimization software to ensure these essential goods are delivered to residents as quickly as possible.

Quick assistance just one benefit of routing software
While communities and companies are teaming up to provide timely assistance to those who lost their homes in the tornadoes, fast delivery and optimized routes aren't the only reasons these transportation providers can benefit from route planning software. The technology not only limits time spent manually plotting routes, but also allows vehicles to cut down on gas use and spend fewer hours on the road - significant benefits no matter if trucks and vans are dropping off supplies to tornado victims, completing long-haul shipments or making last mile deliveries to local businesses.