Summer pests could result in more exterminator dispatching

As the weather heats up, pest populations across the country increase. Summer is a prime time for pests to invade homes and yards, causing damage to structures, plants and sometimes even the health of residents. Pest control firms will need to be ready for a jump in business, and determine the most direct route when sending workers into the field, particularly if their business covers a large geographical area.

Pest control companies prepare for infestations
Flies, wasps, roaches, ants, mosquitoes and termites are just a few of the insects that see population explosions when summer temperatures hit most regions of the country. While many residents take precautionary measures - such as ensuring doors and windows are firmly closed, cleaning up any leftover food and making sure screens aren't ripped - they can't always stop unwelcome intruders from getting into their homes and yards. Pests can sneak into the smallest of spaces, and this can lead even the most prepared homeowner to experience an infestation at some point.

As a result, pest control companies may see business spike during the warm months ahead. More customers may call with insect-related concerns, and businesses will need to determine how they can effectively assist all clients requesting their services. As a result, these organizations will be required to best allocate available resources to ensure they don't develop a reputation as a company that doesn't show up on time.

To more effectively schedule service, pest control fleets may employ route planning software, which can help professionals not only address homeowner concerns in a timely fashion, but also allow drivers to take the most time- and cost-effective routes when dispatched. Limiting fuel use and miles driven can help a company optimize services and remain successful, particularly as business increases this summer.