Small businesses look for productivity

Many businesses, including many smaller enterprises, are concerned about cutting costs, and even more so in light of the struggling economy and lower revenues. In order to slash operating expenses, small company owners are taking the initiative to do more with less, especially when it comes to company trucks and vans.

Plenty of organizations rely on their trucks and vans to get employees to worksites or direct store delivery, but they could be better utilizing these assets. A new survey from GE Capital Fleet Services revealed managers have several concerns when it comes to trimming vehicle-related expenses. Twenty-four percent are worried about meeting cost-saving goals, while another 20 percent voiced concerns about understanding new technologies like alternative fuel fleets.

Many managers may find enhancing truck and van productivity can help them limit expenses while also bringing in additional revenue, an important factor in improving business conditions. Twenty-nine percent of company owners claim the most important aspect of improving productivity within their business is having the right truck for a job, while 18 percent claim tracking downtime is an important factor and an additional 18 percent say reducing ownership costs is critical to productivity.

Plenty of businesses may be looking to limit spending and enhance productivity on the road, and they're finding many ways to engage in such practices. While some may be using technology to reduce fleet-related paper documentation and the costs associated with printing and storing it, others are employing route planning software to cut back on fuel expenses and miles driven, as well as optimize time spent on the road. With more small-business owners concerned about slashing expenses and trying to get the most work possible out of their trucks and vans, productivity and costs have become larger concerns, but those problems can be mitigated with the right routing software technology.