Pest control supplies, services necessary during summer months

As warm weather hits states across the country, homeowners are spending more time outdoors, but they're also noticing an increase in pests invading their yard and residence. As such, businesses can't stock enough at-home pest control products to satisfy demand and exterminators are busy going from home to home to deal with more serious pest infestations. As summer progresses, companies that deliver these chemicals, as well as businesses making their way to various homes, must drive along the most direct route to ensure homeowners don't suffer through pest problems for the entire season.

Pests abound during summer
Bug infestations are especially prevalent during the summer months, and no matter how well residents prepare, they cannot always avoid an invasion. In areas that experience plenty of rain or have multiple lakes and ponds, mosquito populations may explode during the warmer season. While these critters can be irritating, they can also be dangerous - mosquitoes are known to carry West Nile virus and the rarer Eastern Equine Encephalitis, diseases which can be deadly.

Mosquitoes aren't the only pests that annoy residents during the summer - a variety of ants, beetles, wasps, cicadas and ticks can also plague homeowners in their backyards or even inside their homes. As a result, they need the supplies or services that will help them deter bugs and the dangers they can sometimes bring with them.

DIY increases in popularity
Some families may prefer to handle the pests themselves, particularly if the infestation is manageable or they are still suffering the effects of the recession and can't afford to hire a professional to deal with the insects. As more bugs invade properties across the country, companies that manufacture do-it-yourself kits or systems to rid homes of pests will need to ensure their products are available in stores for consumers to purchase. Companies that don't deliver shipments with the help of route optimization software may find some retailers are low on their product or completely out of stock, which can dent a chemical company's profits, making on-time delivery services essential.

Immediate professional services required in some cases
Certain residents may experience infestations so severe they can only be eliminated with assistance from professional pest control companies. These firms are often busy throughout the summer months with a variety of service calls and must assist a range of customers throughout a large geographical area. To better air callers and help them resolve their pest problems as quickly as possible, exterminators may choose to turn to route planning software, which can help them better optimize their vehicles, plan routes more quickly and ensure all clients are served in a timely manner. By taking care of these issues as promptly and efficiently as possible, companies not only build a better reputation for themselves within an area, but can also cut fuel expenses by ensuring fleet vehicles are on the shortest path to their destinations.