PennDOT saves millions with better fleet management techniques

Many municipalities are currently operating on strict budgets as the economy struggles to recover, making it essential for them to limit expenses wherever possible by using cost-cutting techniques and the latest fleet software. Trimming the amount of fuel used and number of miles driven is a way for these bodies to slash costs associated with both gas and vehicle maintenance in the long run.

Pennsylvania the latest to announce initiatives for fleet savings 
The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation is just one of many government fleets across the country looking to operate on a smaller budget and enjoy greater cost savings. The agency recently revealed it has plans to limit expenses and some of its objectives could save $4 million annually, a major sum that could go back to local transportation projects and improve infrastructure throughout the state.

"Governor Corbett is committed to make government operate as efficiently as possible and to that end PennDOT is working hard and making smart choices to ensure that we are operating at peak efficiency," said Barry J. Schoch, PennDOT secretary. "Through diligently monitoring our fleet, we are able to invest about $4 million directly back into our roads and bridges."

PennDOT will rework its vehicle assignments based on which drivers log the most business-related travel per year and also limit the number of employees who are permitted to use department passenger vehicles. The agency has drastically cut down on the number of vehicles it employs in recent years in an effort to limit spending, and the new initiative will only enhance the cost-cutting strategy. While PennDOT maintained a passenger vehicle fleet of more than 2,100 in 2003, that number currently stands around 1,500. Its overall fleet - which includes trucks, graders and crew cabs - currently stands at about 8,000 and there have not been reports that suggest any number of these vehicles will soon be cut.