More transportation companies considering electric fleets

As new green transportation technology is developed and becomes increasingly affordable, it is possible for companies to switch over to electric fleets. Many businesses are seizing the opportunity to reduce their fuel costs while working toward environmental regulatory compliance and sustainability goals.

Companies of all sizes are deploying electric fleets, with some of the largest companies in the transportation industry investing in the vehicles. UPS recently announced it would expand its fleet with 100 electric, zero-emission vehicles for deliveries in California, increasing the number of sustainability-focused vehicles it already utilizes. 

"We currently operate more than 2,500 alternative fuel vehicles worldwide with a variety of hybrid, electric and natural gas technologies, making UPS the leader in logistics sustainability," said Myron Gray, president of UPS U.S. operations. "We use our technology and logistics expertise to reduce emissions around the world and help test new automotive technologies."

New York is also leading the sustainability trend, as The New York Times reported that 50 electric vehicles will be added to the city fleet in 2013. Mayor Michael Bloomberg has also voiced support for a plan to make one-third of the city's taxi fleet electric by 2020, according to the source.

Considering the benefits of an electric fleet
Key benefits of a sustainable fleet are obvious. Companies that choose to utilize some electric vehicles can significantly reduce their fuel costs, saving them money and also reducing time drivers spend at the pump. As gas and diesel prices continue to rise, these expenses have become quite a burden for many firms. 

However, there are benefits in addition to the cost savings of electric vehicles. Companies that make public commitments to green energy or sustainability can enjoy stronger reputations with consumers. This can be a major draw, especially if firms are seeking new clients or trying to recover from a public relations misstep.

Protecting electric vehicle investments
When investing in an electric fleet, maintenance should always be a top priority to ensure vehicles run consistently. Implementing fleet maintenance software allows businesses to recapture warranty dollars, adhere to routine maintenance schedules and solve small problems before they turn into major issues that call for expensive repairs. Without maintenance software, an electric fleet can encounter problems over time, negating the original good intentions and cost reductions.