Markit: US manufacturing spikes during first quarter

Financial data firm Markit recently released its domestic Manufacturing Purchasing Managers Index, which indicated production in the United States was strong during March. The index spiked to 54.6 compared to February's 54.3 reading, causing the first three months of the year to average at 54.9 - the strongest quarterly result in two years. The survey showed output increased, coming in at 56.6. Data shows domestic demand held strong and export orders saw an unexpected jump. 

While this increase is good news for the manufacturing industry, it could also mean more business for transportation companies across the country. As producers need to move more goods to market, they could seek additional transit services to ensure their products make their way to purchasers and consumers in a timely fashion. Transportation companies can try to take advantage of this increase to boost their revenue streams and attempt to gain new clients. 

Preparing for additional business with the right tools
To prepare for new business and an increase in opportunities, company leadership may choose to consider investing in vehicle routing software. Implementing software can present an enormous benefit for companies trying to advance operations as domestic manufacturing increases. It may also allow them to prove they can handle a larger workload and pick up additional clients. 

One of the major advantages of using route optimization software is its ability to help fleet managers better plan routes and determine how they can best utilize their current assets to handle more freight, pickups and deliveries. It can be time consuming and difficult for management teams to determine how their fleets can best adjust to the increase in business, but routing software can help a company determine how it can effectively use its capabilities to ensure everything will run smoothly and all scheduled stops will be made by vehicles prepared to take on additional freight. 

In addition to helping a company best optimize its assets, routing software can help transporters looking to take advantage of the spike in domestic manufacturing by allowing them to enhance service, save time and cut fuel expenses by having drivers take the most direct path possible to their destinations. Ensuring deliveries are made on schedule and drivers follow the most direct route can not only help a company be certain new clients are satisfied with their service, it can also help them guarantee they are conserving fuel, allowing a business to limit expenses in its attempt to bring in new customers.