Logistics software prepares fleet managers for a busy holiday season

Transportation management software is a reliable tool for fleet owners who expect an increase in shipment activity during this year's upcoming holiday shopping season.

The U.S. economy's slow growth in recent years had a strong impact on overall consumer spending habits. In fact, a recent report from Reuters said American households only spent 0.3 percent more on goods than they did during the previous month. Despite such slow growth, many businesses throughout the U.S. expect to chart substantial revenue growth over the next few months as consumers prepare for the holidays.

A recent report released by WhizBang! Training, a retail coaching service, found 60.1 percent of nearly 500 store owners surveyed said they believe sales will be higher during this year's holiday shopping season compared to last year. Only 12.6 percent of respondents expect to make less money than they did during the 2012 shopping season.

What's driving the optimism?
The report said so many U.S. retailers are feeling positive about the potential for sales growth during the holidays because managers feel confident in their abilities to quickly move product without the need to hire seasonal, part-time employees.

"Even in a slow economy, creative Christmas promotion ideas and a well-trained staff can increase foot traffic and stores sales," Bob Negen, founder of WhizBang! Training, stated in a press release.

Holiday shopping and shipment activity
Before an effective sales staff is able to encourage shoppers to make purchases, businesses must first have a reliable way to receive products from regional shipping depots and factories. As a result, trucking companies can expect a significant increase in activity toward the end of this year if retailers' holiday sales projections hold true.

The more products consumers buy, the more likely it is that stores will run out of merchandise. Such an occurrence is a frequent problem during the holiday shopping season and it can have a damaging effect on long-term revenue. To alleviate many of the worries associated with this time of the year, fleet managers can invest in trucking software programs. These automated tools make it easier for freight companies to meet sudden increases in demand from retail organizations that want to ensure they have enough products on their showroom floors between Thanksgiving and Christmas.

For example, logistics software allows managers to get a better view of their current fleet activity to determine the most efficient allocations and trips. Similarly, businesses can use route optimization services to identify the safest and most cost-effective ways to get from point A to point B.