Lawn care businesses must optimize resources this summer

Summertime brings with it many leisure activities, but one task most homeowners dread throughout the season is mowing the lawn. Rather than complete the chore themselves, many homeowners employ lawn care services to do it for them. As a result, gardening and landscaping companies will see a spike in business as the weather heats up, something that could allow them to benefit from route planning software as they make their rounds to different homes and neighborhoods.

According to "American Green: The Obsessive Quest for the Perfect Lawn," homeowners spend $40 billion on lawn care annually. While some of this enormous sum takes into account supplies residents need to handle some tasks themselves, a great portion may also reflect the growing number of homeowners who pay for others to cut, water and fertilize their grass.

Busy lawn and garden companies must optimize service
With many people concerned about the state of their lawns and plenty of them unwilling to put the time, money and effort into completing grass-related projects themselves, lawn care companies have experienced an uptick in business. This means they will need to find a way to ensure processes are optimized, and guarantee they are not wasting time shuttling their vehicles between homes that are far away, especially when there is a way for them to streamline scheduling plans.

Investing in route planning software ensures lawn and garden businesses can plan the most gas- and time-friendly schedules for their teams and ensure all customers receive the services they need on time. By using this technology to streamline routing processes, businesses can serve clients more effectively and make better use of available resources without spending extra time planning schedules.