As hot weather approaches, more HVAC professionals on the road

As the hot summer weather approaches, more homeowners may remember last year's heat wave and dread experiencing another summer without a proper air conditioning unit. High temperatures are not merely uncomfortable - for many people, they can be dangerous. As more people race to prepare for the heat, they may call upon their local HVAC service provider to come and perform a tune-up or install a new, more efficient unit before the hot weather arrives. This means HVAC enterprises will need to prepare to visit more homes and optimize paths driven with route planning software.

Repairs and installations could spike as hot weather approaches
Homeowners without properly functioning air conditioning units may want to contact an HVAC company to ensure their systems will be operational once the extreme temperatures kick in. No resident wants their HVAC unit to stop working during the middle of a heat wave, which makes it especially important for homeowners to get the necessary services while temperatures are still reasonable.

HVAC companies could also see a spike in calls from homeowners who reside in older houses that don't have air conditioning at all. It can be extremely uncomfortable for these residents to spend their days in a boiling home, and it's dangerous to do so, especially for seniors and  adults  with serious medical conditions. Researchers from Columbia University estimate climate change will increase the number of heat-related deaths by as much as 20 percent over the next decade and 90 percent by 2080, making it especially critical for families to have air conditioning units installed in older homes. The research suggests over time, it will be more common for extreme heat waves to occur during traditionally pleasant months, like May and September, which could leave homeowners who don't prepare now in for a surprise in the coming years.

As more families turn to HVAC companies for assurance their homes won't overheat this summer, these businesses must determine how to cope with such a large increase in demand and still satisfy all clients. Route optimization software can help HVAC professionals get to all the homes and companies that have requested service on a given day without spending more on fuel or wasting time on the road. This not only ensures clients will have a more comfortable summer, but also can enhance a consumer's view of a firm.