Ford aims to attract more hybrid fleet customers

Businesses of all sizes are always looking to cut fleet costs. As such, many have implemented the vehicle routing software necessary to limit gas expenses, which frees up funds to be used elsewhere. Those trying to cope with budget limitations or slash spending may be tempted to purchase hybrid vehicles to further reduce fuel expenditures and enhance their reputations by promoting their sustainability efforts.

Ford is one major automaker that has increased its hybrid availability in recent years and is now encouraging its customers, especially - but not exclusively - corporate fleets to make use of its gas-friendly vehicles. According to the company, multiple large enterprises have recently added some of Ford's hybrids to their fleets: Con-way, AT&T, Esurance and Quest Diagnostics have all chosen Ford hybrids over vehicles previously favored by corporate fleets. Some of the cars being considered by those who procure company vehicles are the C-MAX and Fusion Hybrid models. Strong demand led Ford to estimate it will double its hybrid production in the near future.

The automaker claims use of these hybrids can save businesses as much as 45 percent in operational expenses, which represent a major cost for companies whose fleets rack up an excess amount of miles each year. The significant savings potential has led more businesses to consider adding hybrids to existing fleets. Hybrids deliver superior performance particularly when used in tandem with vehicle routing and scheduling software.

While some large companies that have multiple vehicles on the road are looking to hybrids to help alleviate concerns about gas prices, many may not currently have the capital necessary to replace a significant portion of their fleets. Company leadership unable to justify the cost of new hybrids may be willing to invest in route optimization software. This software helps fleet managers with a private fleet solution which includes direct store delivery (DSD) and final mile deliveries.