Florists rely on timely deliveries

With summertime in full swing, many families are finding plenty of reasons to celebrate. For many people, get-togethers, including graduation parties, going away dinners, anniversary celebrations and wedding receptions, call for plenty of colorful flower arrangements. The warmer season is keeping florists busy and requiring drivers to take the most direct route to complete scheduled deliveries.

Many people find flowers make both the ideal gift and decoration. Any celebration can be brought to life with bright floral arrangements, while individuals uncertain about giving a present may find showing up at an event with a bouquet makes a strong impression and is an appropriate congratulatory or celebratory gift. The popularity of colorful blooms may have a significant impact on the floral industry, which already rushes to get fresh arrangements to markets in as little time as possible.

Perishable products need to be transported quickly
Because flowers wilt relatively quickly and must arrive at a store or a recipient's home in prime condition, florists need to move product as quickly and efficiently as possible. Perishable products can die or go bad in transit, making it essential for companies that supply blooms to consumers or retailers to move them across the country as quickly as possible. In many instances, the delivery process is long and must be completed in a timely manner - plenty of flower providers get their products from foreign growers, and it's easy for blossoms to wilt by the time they are set to arrive at their final destination.

According to The Miami Herald, while many companies used to purchase domestically grown flowers, it's become more cost effective for them to buy those grown in other countries. Latin American countries boast plenty of opportunities for companies to get more competitively priced blooms, according to the source. But this cost savings measure poses a problem - the flowers must travel a longer distance than those grown in the U.S., making it essential for them to be transported quickly.

By relying on route optimization software, flower importers, wholesalers and small florists can all ensure flowers are delivered on time to prevent the products from perishing en route to retailers or customer homes. When it comes to the floral industry, fresh, timely deliveries are imperative, especially if a company wants to retain its reputation as a premier provider. Route planning software can help drivers responsible for delivering these products take the shortest runs possible, guaranteeing orders are undeniably fresh.