Christmas tree farmers expect an increase in shipping activity

Fleet managers around the nation responsible for shipping Christmas trees during the holiday season can especially benefit from investing in advanced trucking dispatch software. The need for reliable transportation during the last two months of the year is obvious for retailers and supermarkets. These businesses often have high expectations for keeping their shelves fully stocked so consumers are able to satisfy their seasonal shopping needs. However, these organizations aren't the only ones demanding fast and reliable ground transportation. The holidays also represent the busiest time of the year for Christmas tree farmers.

Tree growers expect increased sales this year
According to Capital Press, an online publication covering agricultural issues in the Western states, producers of these popular fixtures of the holiday season are likely to experience an increase in business activity after seven years of poor sales numbers. Not only are prices slightly higher than they were previously, but consumers have already shown a much greater interest in purchasing high-quality trees this year.

"The challenge over the last few years has been oversupply," John Tillman, of Northwest Plantations in Elma, Wash., told Capital Press. "We would hear a lot about how they can get the same trees cheaper somewhere else. There is a lot less of that this year."

These trends aren't limited to the Western states either. WBTV, a CBS affiliate based in Charlotte, N.C., recently reported growers in the state's Avery County have been especially busy in the last few weeks. The station reported the Christmas tree industry is responsible for generating more than $100 million of the state's economy each year. In fact, one-fifth of all trees in the country come from North Carolina.

Transportation challenges for small and medium-sized operations
Farmers who collect the majority of their revenue during specific seasons often struggle with a disproportionate amount of business activity throughout the year. As a result, it can be difficult to obtain the proper infrastructure necessary to transport Christmas trees across the nation with as little overhead cost as possible. Larry Smith, a grower from Newland, N.C., told WBTV his business often ships trees as far south as Miami and as far north as Minnesota. Whether American consumers purchase these products directly from farmers or from local retail establishments, the need for reliable ground shipping during both November and December is essential. Businesses that are responsible for moving trees must make special efforts to ensure they aren't damaged or lost during the transportation process.

As a result, many of these organizations can experience significant benefits from logistics software programs that make the fleet management process run as seamlessly as possible. For instance, automated tools allow companies to make full use of available resources during a limited season. Without the right technology, many managers run the risk of over-scheduling. Doing so can not only take a toll on individual drivers, but it may also jeopardize the ability to ship Christmas trees within previously planned time frames. Trucking dispatch software makes it easier for farms and businesses to coordinate shipments, assign deliveries and satisfy consumers' demand to receive orders as quickly as possible. Especially after several years of slow business growth, farmers and fleet operators must take full advantage of every opportunity they have to maximize revenue. After all, the holiday season comes and goes at a rapid pace. Organizations must constantly be on their toes to address sudden increases in activity. No one wants to be responsible for ruining the holidays by failing to deliver products on time.