Camps, day cares can cut costs by taking the most direct routes

With summer fast approaching, many working parents need to determine how they can ensure their children will be safe and well cared for during the day. For many, an obvious solution is enrolling their kids in day care or a day camp.

Day care and summer camps are responsible for caring for children throughout the day, ensuring they're fed and making sure they're safely transported between destinations. The American Camp Association says more than 11 million people attend summer camps, and many more attend day care, meaning there are plenty of young children who need to be looked after by employees at these facilities. Camps and day cares, especially those responsible for picking up and dropping off dozens - if not hundreds - of children daily, need to ensure they're properly optimizing their schedules by employing the use of route planning software.

Summer camp buses drive many miles
Overnight camps may be the norm among some families, but many don't want their children to be away for such a length of time. Therefore, day camps have become very popular. These camps are often tasked with transporting children to and from a camp location, as well as sometimes taking them off-site for special activities. So much driving means a camp's buses can rack up quite a number of miles in just a few days. Consider these vehicles are put into constant, daily use and it's clear the number of miles driven over the course of an entire summer can be extensive. 

Day care facilities put on miles with summer field trips
While many parents drop their children off at day care throughout the summer, some facilities are required to pick up children, making them responsible for determining the best routes to get between houses with the least amount of miles driven. But that doesn't mean those that require kids be dropped off on-site won't also be doing quite a bit of driving this summer: Many day care facilities take children on field trips throughout the week, and if drivers are responsible for making such journeys frequently, they can add a substantial amount of miles to company vehicles and spend more in fuel costs.

Summer camps and day cares that rely on buses to transport children on a daily basis may not have considered their options when it comes to reducing fuel use, miles driven and time spent planning routes. Vehicle routing software can help facilities limit miles and cut costs, while planning the simplest and most effective routes quickly.