Alabama seeks to improve government fleet efficiency

When an organization manages a large fleet, it's essential to ensure vehicles are consistently taking the most direct route possible. This is especially critical for entities looking to cut costs and increase efficiency, such as state governments or businesses operating on tight budgets. Recognizing opportunities for greater efficiency and cost savings is critical and can enhance a business's reputation over the long run.

Municipalities also need to emphasize fleet management 
Alabama Governor Robert Bentley recently recognized the importance of properly managing spending and limiting expenses. He signed a series of laws and executive orders that aim to reduce spending, including one that dictates proper fleet management policies and aims to cut waste and excess spending. 

The order that deals with vehicle operating policies will create a fleet management office within the Alabama Department of Transportation, which will work to assess current practices and determine where savings and greater efficiency can be achieved. Primary areas of focus will be on vehicle fuel efficiency and more cost-effective maintenance practices, while the program's overall objective is to lower operating expenses per mile to the lowest amount possible.

"This efficiency reform to our state fleet policies will help bring Alabama's vehicle management into the 21st century," said state Senator Cam Ward. "This not only cuts down on energy use, it will also save the state millions of tax dollars and allow us to upgrade public safety vehicles at the same time. This reform will be an enormous savings for state government, which is a win-win for everyone."

How businesses can enjoy similar cost savings  
While many transportation companies may not be able to create departments dedicated to finding cost savings and opportunities for efficiency, they can employ other techniques that can help them save, cut down on lost time and increase customer satisfaction. Simply using vehicle routing software can provide companies with these benefits. 

Routing software lets fleet managers limit time spent planning the most efficient routes, allowing them to finish these tasks early and spend their time on other important tasks. It also ensures drivers are consistently on the most direct paths, limiting hours spent on inefficient routes and better ensuring deliveries and pickups are made on time. Not only can this enhance customer satisfaction, it can serve to cut down on the amount of fuel fleet vehicles need to get from point to point.