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Appian DirectRoute by TMW Systems

More efficient routing and scheduling for multi-stop, multi-order fleet operations is a critical need in foodservice, medical supply and direct store delivery operations, for beverage and restaurant suppliers, for manufacturing, furniture delivery and building products distribution. Keeping drivers on-time, improving vehicle utilization and maintaining continuous cost control are important aspects of any distribution or service operation. Appian scheduling and routing software from TMW Systems helps improve distribution efficiency and customer service, while dramatically reducing planning time and overhead as well as wasted mileage. Click here to download more information.

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Truck Routing Software for Diverse Industries

Routing optimization software from TMW can help reduce total transportation expense and make the most efficient use of available resources, from drivers and service people to vehicles and trailers. Designed for the rapid and efficient route planning of multiple orders, multiple stops and multiple service destinations, TMW route planning and trucking dispatch software addresses fixed or dynamic routing for local, regional, or long-haul deliveries. Our street-level routing capability and industry-standard, truck-safe routing data help you minimize wasted miles and do more with the resources you already have, without adding staff or equipment. Advanced dashboard reporting and the capability for what-if scenario modeling make it easy to analyze routes and fleet performance, while managing to your company’s KPIs. Learn more about TMW truck routing software today.