Transportation Analytics & Business Intelligence Software

True business intelligence about your operations and business health requires much more than flexible reporting tools. TMW Business Intelligence solutions are designed for transportation, using data models that are specific and unique to the freight transportation and fleet management sectors. Combine and easily analyze big data sourced from multiple separate systems inside or outside your company. Get the deep business insight you need for critical decision-making, to spot opportunities and to support continuous improvement. 


fleet analytics

KPIs, Dashboards, Scorecards and Actionable Intelligence To Save Your Business Time and Money

TMW Business Intelligence (BI) solutions serve modern transportation service and fleet operations better than general purpose data analytics or integral reporting tools. Get the powerful business insight you need from our unique TMW Data Warehouse approach, a transportation and fleet-specific data model that has been optimized for fast analysis. Other business intelligence software requires extensive work to fit the complexities found in every transportation or fleet-focused business. Put powerful, flexible and easy-to-use data mining tools and in the hands of your operations experts and key decision-makers with the TMW Data Warehouse transportation analytics, Data Warehouse Explorer and Transportation Analytics solutions. Your TMW transportation management and fleet management software is the foundation for a new level of business understanding, made possible because we can integrate multiple data sources across your enterprise and from external providers as well.

Do your current reports help you increase margins and reduce costs? Or improve maintenance planning, identify departments dragging down your profitability, increase your asset utilization and analyze the best locations for new terminals, shop or operations activities?

Get maximum benefit from the TMW technology you’ve invested in with TMW Business Intelligence. It’s valuable for all operations-- truckload, dedicated and LTL, brokerage, third-party logistics, intermodal, fleet maintenance, even retail service and repair centers. With TMW Business Intelligence, you can:

  • Remove barriers to data for faster, better business decisions
  • Collect and analyze information from across multiple software and data systems
  • Create dashboards to distribute business insight with real-time details about revenues, costs and operations impacting your profitability
  • Understand and control cross-departmental processes that impact your profitability