About TruckMate

Robert Maddocks started the company known as Maddocks Systems in 1981 and as president, grew it to Canada’s largest TMS provider at the time of its acquisition by TMW Systems in 2006.

Founded in Vancouver, B.C. in 1981, the company’s flagship software was formerly known as TruckMate for Windows, an enterprise-wide trucking software system. Because of the proximity to the West Coast and sizeable seaports along that edge of North America, TruckMate evolved as a transportation management solution that was suited for more than just truckload carriers.

Many TruckMate customers operate extensive logistics and warehousing divisions, or are focused on intermodal drayage, IMC or more complex freight forwarding business. Regional LTL carriers find TruckMate features and flexibility to be a great fit for their unique needs.

About TruckMate

Although TMW and Maddocks competed head-to-head for many years, the organizations developed genuine and mutual respect for one another, evident when the TruckMate organization became an integral part of the fast-growing TMW. The TruckMate customer community has experienced significant growth under TMW, and the expanding development and support teams gained critically-needed breathing room when operations were moved to a new and larger office in the Vancouver area recently.

TruckMate customers span the transportation services industry and most of North America, from Hawaii and Alaska to major Canadian commercial and private fleets extending from BC to New Brunswick and across the US to the deep South and Florida.

TruckMate continues to expand its reach, now targeting fleets in Australia and New Zealand.