About TMWSuite

In 1983, Tom Weisz founded TMW Systems in his basement in Cleveland, Ohio.

A native of Hungary, Tom immigrated to the United States as a child and later started his working career as an academic. He taught math at the Illinois Institute of Technology and the University of Illinois before joining A.T. Kearney, a leading consulting firm. He adapted his theoretical mathematics background to solve real world problems using operations research tools and techniques, eventually focusing his work on the unique challenges inside the trucking industry.

His later work for Allied Van Lines as a senior transportation analyst and for Leaseway Transportation as director of software development prepared Tom to recognize an industry opportunity in the early 1980s, when the trucking industry was deregulated and IBM launched the personal computer.

TMW’s first commercial operations software, The Trucking System by TMW (TTS), grew out of collaboration with several newly established, mid-sized truckload carriers. Years later, with the rise of the Microsoft Windows® platform in the business world, development shifted to a graphical user interface and the company introduced the first versions of TMWSuite®. From that earliest customer collaboration, the company continued to focus solution development on improving customer efficiencies and profitability, extending and enhancing its software products. The market success of TMWSuite propelled TMW to a position of transportation industry leadership.  

About TMWSuite

In 2005, Wachovia Capital Partners and PepperTree Capital Management acquired TMW Systems, beginning a period of dynamic growth that culminated in 2012 with the company’s acquisition by Trimble Navigation Ltd.

Today, TMW is a Trimble Company and a leading supplier of solutions for the transportation services sector - delivering technology that enables companies to improve operational efficiencies, transactional velocity and resource utilization, to deliver superior customer service and to ensure their long-term profitability. TMWSuite and the continuing success story of TMW are now enriched with other notable products and the industry legacies of companies such as Maddocks, McCormick, Innovative, TMT, IDSC and Appian.