About TMT

In 1981, Pat Paterson founded Transportation Management Techniques, Inc. in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. The idea of software programs for fleet and equipment management was a new one. Few transportation service providers or technology companies had the foresight to realize the need for such a program. Paterson’s 40 years of successful, hands-on experience in vehicle management fueled the vision of a fleet management company with a customer base spreading across the United States.

In 1994, the company was purchased by Rick Rosenberg, who brought a new vision and a new name to the firm. TMT Software Company relocated to Chapel Hill, blocks away from Research Triangle Park, the technology hub of North Carolina. The new name and location now reflected the dynamic environment of the software and fleet maintenance industries.

TMW Systems acquired TMT in May of 2007. “TMT Software has been a long-time business partner of TMW Systems, and this combination creates a unique opportunity for both TMT and TMW customers,” said David Wangler, president of TMW Systems, about the acquisition. “TMT customers will benefit from complementary products and the resources of North America’s leading provider of enterprise software to the transportation industry.

TMT’s TRANSMAN for Windows product was renamed as TMT Fleet Maintenance – SQL. 

The TRANSMAN for System i product, widely used by motor carriers running on the IBM OS/400 (now IBM i), was renamed as TMT Fleet Maintenance – IBM i.

The TMW Fleet Maintenance product lines have continued to innovate and expand capabilities under TMW, with exciting new Business Intelligence features that set them apart from competitors. In recent years, the introduction of TMT Service Center brought new opportunities for organizations focused on serving the outsourced maintenance needs of commercial fleets.

Trimble Construction & Logistics group is now a distributor of TMT Fleet Maintenance to the ready-mix and concrete fleet market. 

About TMT