About IDSC

Integrated Decision Support Corporation (IDSC) was founded in 1978 by Dr. Richard A. Murphy, Ph.D. Dr. Murphy brought to his Dallas, Texas firm decades of experience in the transportation industry as an innovator in logistics decision support, combining academic rigor and information systems research with practical, industry application.

Prior to founding IDSC, Dr. Murphy had served as: Senior Vice President, Technology of Schneider National Inc; President and Founder of Optimal Decision Systems Inc., Associate Professor (tenured) at the University of Cincinnati, and Senior Management Scientist at The Procter and Gamble Co.

IDSC is still recognized as a pioneer in the industry for developing innovative software technologies that included the first power-to- load match optimization-- introduced in 1978-- and the first fuel purchase optimization program-- introduced in 1994. The company’s solutions enable truckload carrier customers to accelerate profitability through the use of optimization-based decision support planning and execution software.

The software that IDSC brought to market is designed to systematically increase revenue and decrease cost across the entire trucking enterprise. Netwise, Match Advice, Expert Fuel and Trip Alert employ advanced technologies for carriers to improve revenue per loaded mile, maximize utilization, control the route and minimize fuel and OOR costs, while still meeting customer requirements and supporting driver satisfaction. Online services TruckLoadRate.com and FuelAdvice.com continue to serve hundreds of trucking and transportation industry customers today.

Benjamin Murphy assumed the role of president and COO when his father Rick shifted to a more strategic role as chairman and CEO before IDSC was acquired by TMW Systems in 2007. Ben Murphy then joined TMW as vice president and general manager and Rick continued to be involved with the company on product and market strategy following the acquisition. 

About IDSC