TMW Systems History

TMW Systems is a leading provider of enterprise software primarily to transportation and logistics operations. We are A TRIMBLE COMPANY, operating within the Trimble Global Transportation & Logistics Division since 2012. 

TMW has established itself as a trusted software partner and a leading software and services provider to the transportation services industry. Today, TMW employs more than 600 people serving over 2,000 customers, including many of the largest, most sophisticated and complex transportation management companies in North America.

Our TMS platforms automate the workflow and processes of every aspect of a transportation business — from order to cash, including a myriad of transportation-specific requirements, data and service integration points and business processes. TMW solutions are domain-specific; designed, developed and maintained exclusively to meet the needs of transportation and logistics operations or a range of fleet activities. Our fleet maintenance software is designed for heavy-duty vehicles and either in-house repair and maintenance or outsourced services. Our routing and scheduling software targets delivery and distribution activities for private or dedicated fleets operating in an array of industry verticals. 

Software and cloud services from TMW enable transportation service organizations to run lean, effective and profitable operations with extensive customer and partner integration capabilities. Increasingly, the company’s software is the solution of choice for private fleet operations with complex requirements and business integration needs.

TMW offers a strong suite of complementary software solutions—to deploy independently as business needs dictate, or in combination to address major business transformations. 

TMW Systems History

TMW is part of a large and growing worldwide market for transportation technology. This market is comprised of software, mobile communications and associated technology services used by for-hire carriers, private fleets, transportation brokers, shippers and third-party logistics providers in the efficient movement of materials and products by truck and rail. The cost-effective and timely shipment of goods involves complex processes and requires extensive coordination between trading partners and transporters. Automation technology is required to manage key challenges that directly impact transportation efficiency and profitability, including inefficient asset utilization, rising costs of assets or fuel, labor, insurance and increased regulatory requirements. 

In 2013, ALK Technologies of Princeton, NJ, joined the Trimble T&L group, reporting through the TMW organization.